The 29th Carnival of the Liberals

The latest Carnival of the Liberals is up and features my post, “The World Trade Organization and Sustainable Development“. The author prefaces the carnival with this:

“As the glow of our well-deserved victory in the American midterm elections slowly fades, we should be looking forward to the future. Tomorrow, America’s new Democratic Congressional majority will be sworn in, and it’s up to us to keep our new leaders on course and remind them whenever they falter of the progressive principles we elected them to uphold. Just as importantly, we need to work on building a political infrastructure to cement our new majority so that we do not have to suffer through another national nightmare like that of the last few years. I believe that the posts in this edition provide some excellent reminders both of why the Republicans lost power and what the Democrats should focus on if they want to keep it.”

There’s a good bunch of stuff on this carnival. My favorite is actually some artwork I found on one of the writer’s sites. Check it out here.

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