St. Louis Green Guide and Modular Homes

I trust everyone had a great Columbus Day weekend! Hey, if the dude didn’t get lost . . . someone else would have run into the western world a few years later. Two-parter today . . .

1. Over the weekend, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a green guide, which can be found here. The guide, called Go Green, was provided as a 40-page insert in the paper’s Sunday edition, and was printed on 100% recycled newsprint and with soy ink. Yeah! The paper actually did a fairly nice job, and I’m going to keep the section handy as a reference. Nothing in the guide is earth-shattering but the insert provides a handy summary of the various facets of green-osity. Also, it isn’t St. Louis-specific so everyone can enjoy the publication.

2. My friends over at EcoUrban Homes sent me a few articles I’d like to share with you.

The articles provide great evidence that prefabricated homes are just as high in quality and standards as homes fabricated on site. And because they’re built in a controlled environment, they can be built faster, cheaper and with less waste. Many of the greenest homes around the world are built this way to protect the integrity of the homes’ green features. Also, modular construction helps offset the marginally higher, but ever shrinking costs of building green.

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