Scooter Scooter!

It took a little longer than expected but the scooter has arrived! All the rain in St. Louis, combined with a strange, prolonged, allergy-induced cold has prohibited extensive riding to date but the sun is finally out and I feel much better.

My wife and I decided the scooter was female, as most vehicles are, but haven’t agreed on a name yet. Any suggestions? I offered up “Ivy” but she said the name implied the scooter was green. I could have a made a very cheesy environmental joke at the time but didn’t, choosing to write about the joke I never made here instead. Ahem . . .

I took her for a test drive (tee hee) the day she arrived and enjoyed it very much. The scooter is quieter than I expected and very comfortable. Little tip, if you get a helmet with closeable air vents, open them before riding. My head started to melt five minutes into the ride, not realizing I could have easily gotten more air flow had my anxiousness to ride the scooter not trumped a simple examination of the helmet before hopping on.

Oh well, we live and we learn. Apologies for the fortnight of silence. I hope to be back writing regularly now that my energy’s back.


  1. Vihar Sheth

    Jeffraham, it’s a People 50. I wanted to start light and not have to get a motorcycle license. I will check out your blog when I get a chance though, and thanks for reading mine.

  2. Molly

    Have you named her yet? My votes are for either Pearl, because of the color and “the world is your oyster” on her or Carley as a feminine version of Harley.

    I would like to see a photo of my sister riding her!

  3. Vihar Sheth

    No, jury’s still out but I’ll run your suggestions by the wife. We’re probably taking it out tonight so I’ll try to get a shot of her right before impact with a tree!

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