It’s Been A Long Time

I last posted almost 10 months ago. Since then our new green home was completed, we moved in and oh yeah . . . we had a super duper adorable son. So, it’s not like I’ve been slacking off. But, 2011 will hopefully be a year of renewed blogging about sustainability.

The title of the blog has taken on new meaning given the completion of our home and the arrival of our son. And while Green Rising has always been a metaphor, it’s now more applicable to the realities of my life.

I hope the blog will take on a new focus, with the primary objectives being the discussion of living sustainably and raising a sustainable family. The former will focus on the physical aspects of a life more sustainable, including entries about our green home. The latter will focus on decision making as it relates to the growth and evolution of our family.

I know these objectives are still relatively vauge, but I find them to be more concrete than any others I’ve commited to in the past.

Finally, as part of our move from a loft to a home, my commute has increased from five blocks to five miles. While the distance is still relatively short compared to the average American commute, it is expotentially greater than it used to be. To transport myself to and from work as efficiently as possible, I plan on taking the bus as often as possible. In fact, my February 2010 Metro pass was all ready to be swiped this morning on my first official bus commute but Snowmaggedon 2011 has me working from home. If I live through it, I’ll let you know how it goes!

Here’s to a more sustainable 2011!

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