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Our Home on NPR’s Marketplace

A few weeks ago our home consultant, Jay Swoboda at ecoUrban, asked if we’d like to be featured in an National Public Radio piece on the housing industry. We bit at the chance to get some exposure for our project and had a reporter come by our place. We toured the home and talked about its green features for some time, discussing costs versus benefits, etc . . .

The theme of the piece was to be the lack of downsizing by Americans and how green building fit into the picture. While I wasn’t entirely sure what angle the story would take, it ended up having a slighlty more negative tone than I’d hoped. The story still highlighted the features of the home but on spoke about costs on the most cursory level. The point I’d hoped would come across was that people could make their homes very green for only a marginal increase in costs, while still getting the size ┬áThe home my wife and I built cost more per square foot than many green homes do because of other upgrades for which we opted. I’ll discuss the economics of our build in later posts, but in the mean time, I think this seed should be planted.

The story can be found here: Square footage still trumps eco-friendliness

The title isn’t compelling for the immediate future of more sustainable development for hopefully as our project gets more exposure, and companies like ecoUrban gain more tractions, this story will have a different ending soon enough.

The Hartford House

In April of 2010 my wife and I started construction on our new home. Construction should be completed by September of 2010, and when it’s all said and done, our new home will hopefully be St. Louis City’s newest LEED-certified home.