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City Sound Tracks – March 27, 2010

On Saturday, March 27th, a first of its kind music / transportation festival called City Sound Tracks will be held in St. Louis. The event’s main purpose is to highlight the importance of transit in the metro area less than two weeks before a very critical vote in St. Louis County on a sales tax increase intended for maintenance and expansion of Metro St. Louis.

The Greater St. Louis Transit Alliance has created a website for the measure, called Prop A, that can be found here. All the information you’d ever need to know about the measure can be found on this site. And remember, the election is on April 6, 2010. If you’re registered in St. Louis County, please vote Yes for Prop A.

As for City Tracks, the festival will highlight the convenience of Metro by holding concerts on dueling stages in two urban neighborhoods of the City of St. Louis. 27 local bands will rock out for 12 hours starting at 10am either Downtown near Union Station or in the Central West End near Tom’s Pub & Grill. A list of the bands can be found on the City Sound Tracks website, where users can also make donations to the cause and buy t-shirts. I recommend you do both.

Whats Up Magazine, a local independent street publication sold by the homeless and disadvantaged, has joined together with Tracking Progress, KDHX, and STL Style to organize this innovative music festival.

Get out to the festival, if even for just a few hours and help support the region’s transit system. It’s the framework upon which this region will grow. Let’s make it big and strong. That’s what she said.