Cheat sheet: 6 notable green structures

(i) Burkina Faso: Lycée Schorge Secondary School features nine laterite brick modules encircling a courtyard, offering protection from the elements. The sun-hardened bricks store heat and release it at night. Surrounding eucalyptus wood façades provide shaded areas, shielding from intense heat. Kéré

(ii) South Africa: The Karoo Wilderness Centre meticulously integrates into the site’s topography, water runoff paths, wind patterns, soil type, flora and fauna. Field

(iii) Nigeria: Makoko Floating School was built from local timber on the water of a lagoon but collapsed due to heavy wind and rainfall. Kunle

(iv) Angola: Agostinho Neto University’s design harnesses natural wind patterns for ventilation. Strategic canopies serve as sunshades and airfoils, promoting upward airflow to cool buildings. Perkins

(v) Zimbabwe: Eastgate Centre’s sun-shielding stone features enhance nighttime heat dissipation and daytime heat reduction. Pearce

(vi) Lesotho: Maseru “Stadium of Life” is a 3,000-seat sports facility made from sustainably sourced timber in support of responsible forestry practices. Kick4Life

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