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Cheat sheet: Seven green reasons to pay as you go 

(i) Mobility: Electric bikes are increasingly popular PAYG products. Electric buses are also sold on a “pay as you drive” basis. 

(ii) Batteries: Where grids are dirty or non-existent, many more can now afford to store energy.

(iii) Solar: The most common PAYG systems are home solar packages providing basic lighting and mobile phone charging. 

(iv) Clean cooking: Smart gas valves attach to the top of LPG cylinders and allow customers to pay as they cook.

(v) Agriculture: Solar-powered water pumps for irrigation via PAYG rent-to-own models have widened access to clean tech.

(vi) Circular economy: ENGIE aims to offer bio-digesters on PAYG to convert waste into biogas and fertiliser.

(vii) Green industrialisation: The next wave of PAYG innovation is expected to be in industrial applications such as cooling systems. 

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