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Cheat sheet: Seven top sustainable agri practices

(i) Crop rotation: Alternating crops in a specific sequence on the same plot of land helps maintain soil fertility, prevent pest buildup and reduce the need for chemical inputs.

(ii) Cover cropping: Planting crops like legumes during fallow periods helps prevent soil erosion, adds organic matter, and suppresses weeds.

(iii) Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Using a mix of biological controls, cultural practices and minimal pesticides to reduce reliance on harmful chemicals.

(iv) Conservation tillage: Minimising soil disturbance during planting and cultivation helps retain moisture, prevent erosion, and maintain soil health.

(v) Agroforestry: Integrating trees and shrubs into agricultural landscapes provides multiple benefits, including improved soil fertility, biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration.

(vi) Crop-livestock integration: Combining crops and livestock cultivation reduces reliance on external inputs, as the crops provide animal feed, and manure provides nutrients.

(vii) Water conservation: Using drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting and efficient water management to minimise water usage.

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