Media Monitoring, 4 September 2023

Cameroon mulls introducing carbon tax, local media reports (Carbon Pulse)

Africa Climate Summit: A Gathering of 30,000 Delegates to Address Climate Resilience (The Star)

4,000 Officers Deployed for Africa Climate Summit Security (The Star)

Uber Launches Electric Boda in Kenya: 30-35% Reduction in Running Costs (

Kenya's Nationwide E-Bike Scheme: 10,000 Electric Bikes and a Green Transport Vision (RTL Today)

Africa's Groundwater: Challenges and Solutions for the 50% Water Source Used in Agriculture, 43% for Domestic Needs (The Conversation)

In rare alliance, EDF and TotalEnergies team up to build Mphanda Nkuwa hydroelectric dam (Africa Intelligence)

Global Energy Alliance: $150 Million Investment for Africa's Clean Energy Future at Africa Climate Summit (Guardian Nigeria)

Two hybrid projects in S Africa reach legal close (Renewables Now)

African Climate Summit 2023: Africa Aims to Triple Renewable Energy to 60% by 2030 (African News)

Africa's Green Energy Potential: A Path to Energy Security and Sustainable Development (Modern Ghana)

Climate Change Threat: World Bank Predicts 86 Million Displaced in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2050 (CGTN Africa)

African Children Vulnerable to Climate Change Impacts: Insufficient Funding Hinders Adaptation (Saudi Gazette)