Media Monitoring, 29 August 2023

NCBA Becomes The First Bank In Kenya To Install EV Charging Stations At Its Facilities, Uganda: The BRICS Summit Should Tackle Climate Change and Energy Security + more

Kampala Declaration on climate change, human mobility now has 48 African countries as members (Down To Earth)

The African Climate Foundation Urges Comprehensive Action At Inaugural African Climate Summit (

Over 300 Civil Societies Call for Urgent Reset of Africa Climate Summit Agenda (The East African)

Africa Climate Summit: Non-state actors table demands (Nation)

Nature-based agreements announced for first Climate Action Summit (Afrik 21)

Why killing elephants might be the way to save Africa’s wildlife (The Telegraph)

Deforestation and Human-Wildlife Conflict Threaten Nigerian Forest Reserves (Mongabay)

South Africa Says Distribution Is ‘Albatross’ of Power System (Bloomberg)

Carbon Tax as a Green Transition Driver: Taxation's Role in Green Transition (Business Daily)

FC Invests Record $11.5 Billion for Africa’s Green Transition and Job Creation (IFC)

EU infrastructure fund eyes African clean jet fuel projects (300 billion euro 50% of the fund goes to Africa) (Reuters)

How to empower African communities through sustainable development – Haim Taib (Vanguard)

Health adversely hit by climate change, experts say (The Standard)