Media Monitoring, Friday 15 March

February registers as the hottest on record, exacerbating concerns over the escalating impacts of climate change.

European Investment Bank Sees Green Opportunities in Africa (Bloomberg)

AFRICA: the World Bank releases $40 million for climate research in six countries (Afrik21)

South Africa-Japan Partnership To Ignite R300 Billion Green Hydrogen Revolution (SolarQuarter)

US Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said fixing South Africa’s power-supply crisis will need political will. (Bloomberg)

Enel Green Power South Africa begins construction of three new wind farms in the Eastern Cape which will provide up to 330MW of renewable energy to the world’s largest oxygen production facility. (Enel Green Power)

Hottest February in history as climate change woes rise (Business Daily Africa)

West and Central Africa: Flooding Situation Overview (January - December 2023) - as of 6 March 2024 (ReliefWeb)

Zimbabwe predicts a sharp decline in tobacco crop as El Niño takes toll, a year after record harvest (Washington Post)

Opportunity Crops in Africa: Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils (VACS) Research in Action: Two new reports on actionable recommendations to boost agricultural productivity and nutrition. (Rockefeller Foundation)

EU bank to invest millions in climate resilience of Rwanda’s farming sector (Carbon Pulse)

The Urgent Challenge for Young Cameroonians: Mobilizing for Climate Action (World Bank Blogs)

Bridging Climate Change and Human Mobility— Collective analysis for a deeper understanding of climate mobility in the East and Horn of Africa (International Organization for Migration)

Building a Resilient Healthcare System in Africa Through Environmental Monitoring Environment Lens (LinkedIn)

How West Africa Is Building Resilience Against Climate Change (

Europe and Africa need an open dialogue and exchange of ideas to tackle global issues together (IMD)