Media Monitoring, Tuesday 19 March

South Sudan closes schools due to heatwave, highlighting vulnerability to extreme weather intensified by climate change

Egypt and France collaborate on biodiversity conservation projects, planning a nature fund with national banks and partners to amplify impact. (Zawya)

Kenyan youth in Nairobi, recycle 95% of waste, valued at $54 billion, surpassing agribusiness, renewable energy, water, and forestry combined. (TRT Africa)

Malawi pioneers electric vehicles with entrepreneurs from Kozhikode, India, aiming to reduce carbon emissions in transportation. (New Indian Express)

South Sudan closes schools as temperatures reach 45°C, prioritizing citizens' safety during the heatwave. (VOA News)

Conservationists combat mice infestation in Antarctic island to protect biodiversity, addressing ecological disruption due to climate change. (VOA News)

Mozambique secures €34 million from the Netherlands to enhance rainwater drainage infrastructure in Beira, mitigating climate-related vulnerabilities. (Afrik21)

Congo balances oil exports with clean energy initiatives, sparking debates on the nation's energy direction and future investments. (The Electricity Hub)

Women lead sustainability initiatives, challenging cultural norms and mitigating climate change impact, particularly on indigenous tree population decline. (Standard Media)