Media Monitoring, Wednesday 11 October

Algeria gears up for producing green and blue hydrogen, while South Africa reveals a master plan to foster the gas market, aiming to cut carbon emissions and address power shortages.

African wind energy potential: from 9GW to gigawatt-scale projects (Tamarindo Global)

South African Department of Electricity to host 2nd Green Hydrogen Summit (TV Brics)

Adenia Partners completes majority investment in solar financing firm Enfin in South Africa (Business Wire)

Algeria poised to produce green and blue hydrogen for export (Zawya)

World Bank approves $1 billion health emergency preparedness program for Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa (English News)

Danish C2X invests USD 3 billion to produce green methanol in Egypt (Trendsn Africa)

Nigeria: $10 million allocated for leasing Mobile Power's electric batteries (Afrik21)

Green investment opportunities for households and enterprises in East Africa (Soko Directory)

Morocco's central bank buys 200 million euros in sustainable bonds from World Bank during IMF meetings (North Africa Post)

Civil society organizations seek Nigerian government's support for €50 million climate project in Africa (Enviro News Nigeria)

IMF and World Bank focus on Africa amid earthquake fallout and global economic challenges (The Journal)

Saudi Arabia unveils plan to provide electricity, telecommunications, and e-services to African countries (Arab News)

South Africa unveils master plan to develop gas market, reducing carbon emissions and power outages (Reuters)

In Africa, per-tower GHG emissions fell by 21% from 2019, with ATC investing $300M in reduction initiatives since 2018. (Market Screener)

MCFA announces €16 million funding round for clean cooking in Sub-Saharan Africa (Nefco)