Q&A: Climate leaders with answers

Ayodeji Stephen is a clean energy adviser and project manager. He has been an Agora Energiewende fellow in Germany. 

Q: What are the main challenges in adopting hydrogen in Africa? A: Public perception is a significant barrier. Many – wrongly – view hydrogen as unsafe. Skills training and infrastructure development are other crucial areas. Additionally, competition from battery storage systems could impede hydrogen's growth.

Q: What advice would you give those looking to invest in hydrogen? A: Developing a national hydrogen strategy is crucial, along with creating effective trade routes and fostering political will. Education and awareness are low-hanging fruits that can significantly boost the sector.

Q: What future developments do you foresee? A: We can expect a surge in MoUs, attracting new players to the sector. It's crucial for young people to engage in this field, as there's a significant skills gap waiting to be filled with innovative ideas.centre in climate change initiatives.